Sunday, July 20, 2014

Moving Up at MDHT!

5 horses clear in the Intermediate @ MDHT.
Very happy with all the boys, especially Bennett and Joey moving up a level.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ryan & Classic Remain on 2014 Australian National Squad!

We received an exciting confirmation that Ryan and Classic continue to remain on the Australian National Squad.  We just received the following letter from the Selectors, confirming that Ryan and Classic have continued to meet the team criteria upon the recent selectors review. 

There is one more share remaining in Fernhill Classic, and full support will help them continue to compete at this level and hopefully ride for Australia!  Thank you for all the help and support from his current owners, supporters, sponsors and team members at Woodstock Eventing.


Ryan Wood

Date: 17 July 2014

Re: 2014 Equestrian Australia National Squads

Dear Ryan,

The National Eventing Selectors met recently to review combinations for Equestrian Australia’s National Squads for the second half of 2014.

We are writing to inform you that you and your horse Fernhill Classic have met the selection criteria and will remain on the 2016 Squad at this point in time.

The reviewed squads for the second half of 2014 will be announced on the website shortly.

At the end of 2014, the squad selection criteria will be reviewed, and a new criteria set in place for the 2015 squads onwards. At the end of 2014 you will be subject to meeting the new criteria for 2015 in order to retain your place on the squad.

Congratulations on retaining your place on the National Squad. If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Chris Webb
High Performance Manager Equestrian Australia

Georgia Clifford
Chair National Eventing Selectors Equestrian Australia

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Chronicle's Article - "The Bionic Man on the Brink of Fame"

Many thanks to The Chronicle of the Horse and Lindsay Berreth for such a well written article on Ryan and his journey in the world of eventing! This is a very comprehensive article with details on Ryan's rise to the 4* level in Australia before moving to the US to overcome diversity and continue on his path to the top of the sport.

There are many interesting quotes and bits of past information that many may not enjoy!

Please take the time to read this great article starting on page 52.

"The Bionic Man on the Brink of Fame"

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Big Sunday At The Jersey Horse Park!

Summit Sporthorses' Powell - clear through the Jersey Shore!

I rode 7 horses, including Summit Sporthorses' Powell, who won from start to finish by 7 points!
Illiniza was 2nd in the Prelim and Ruby won the Novice holding her dressage lead, with all the Summit Sporthorses', jumping clear on Stadium and XC!  These are impressive results for any breeder to have these top placings with 3 horses at one event, congratulations to the breeder Ilona English!

Sarah Hughes' Cobra
Sarah Hughes Cobra was 2nd in the Novice, also finishing on his dressage score, jumping very well in stadium and XC.

Curran and Margy Simpsons Dday clocked around the Prelim, clear in stadium and XC, finishing 5th. Teddy Sarco was so good in all 3 phases finishing 8th in the Novice.

Mary Hazzard's Magic Replica had a solid performance, having 1 rail in Stadium and picking up a little time XC, finishing 13th in the Prelim.  Jordan also rode her mare Frenchy to 4th place in the Prelim as well.

Curran and Flame went for a swim in the "Jersey Shore", but both horse and rider walked away sound just a little soggy.  The drop into water caused problems for a number of combinations.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More Video Coverage from Bromont!

Many thanks to Vickie Kayuk for the following videos:

Classic Show Jumping

Wallaby XC

Video credits Vickie Kayuk

What A Week At Bromont!!

Stacey and I took 3 fantastic young horses to Canada and came home with 3 spectacular world class horses!

The Fernhill Classic Syndicate's Fernhill Classic was incredible, showing his ability to go clear and fast on XC, taking all the direct routes successfully.  He then came out on Sunday and jumped his heart out for a super clear show jumping round to finish 5th in the CCI 2 star!

We are excited to announce that another share of Classic has be sold, and the new syndicate holder wishes to remain anonymous.  This is the 9th share sold which means there is just one more available.
Photo Credit Leslie - Eventing Nation

Photo Credits Horse Junkies United

Curran and Margy Simpson's Woodstock Bennett and Mark and Linda Ledray's Woodstock Wallaby have been quietly training hard for the last few years.  They were both purchased as 4 yr olds and they have come along together, now stepping onto the international stage like the champions we envisioned while watching them free jumping in Ireland as babies.

Photo Credits Leslie - Eventing Nation

Both horses have exceptional quality, scoring within 1 point after dressage both going clear on XC with the same time on course coming in 1 second under the time, and on the final day both jumping faultlessly around the stadium to finish 2nd and 3rd.

I couldn't be happier with the horses and my team.
Thanks to my amazing owners and sponsors!

Weekend Media

Nice Article in Eventing Nation!

Bennett Stadium Video - Thank you HorsePesterer!

Wallaby Videos


Wallaby Cross Country

Video credits David Frenchette

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Big Weekend at Va Horse Trials!

Big week at VA HT with 5 horses competing.

Classic was in the Advanced Intermediate and performed a solid test scoring a 36, with 1 rail in stadium and an uncharacteristic stop at an up-bank out of the water.  After 4 horses stopped at this they added a ground line to help horses read the bank better, which seemed to fix the problem.

I also rode 5 horses in the Prelim who all jumped clear in stadium and on cross country!
Mark and Linda Ledray's Woodstock Wallaby was 2nd.
Curran and Margy Simpson's Woodstock Bennett 7th.
Summit Sporthorses' Powell 3rd and Illiniza was 5th.

Curran also charged around the prelim with Fernhill Flame, looking like they are on track for a 1 star next year!

Show Jumping Videos