Thursday, September 9, 2010

August Highlights from Woodstock Eventing!

We took 7 horses to Loudoun HT over the weekend of the 28th. Having never been there previously, I was truly impressed with the whole event. The event organizers were very accommodating, working the jumping around my ride times so the day could run smoothly. The cross country was a challenge but still very fair and encouraged positive riding, giving my horses confidence as the course went on.

I rode 5 horses: The 2 novice horses were the great Ringo Star who was a star winning on a 22, and Ricki Ticki Tavi who also placed well with a 3rd. I also rode 2 training of my favorite horses, Frankie, owned by Cherish Campbell, was very impressive placing 8th in his first Training event. Frankie was bought off the track in March after winning $500,000 and has moved naturally into his new role as an event horse. I have upper level expectations for this horse!

I also rode Indie, who won his Training division on a low score of 16.8 receiving three 10's, which was a first for both of us! My final ride was on Anne Rawel's Stallion WF Avebury in his first Prelim. He stepped up placing 4th and galloping around the cross country like he has done it many times before. He had his first event ever in Aiken this past year and is taking to eventing like a duck to water!

A big congratulations to Kevin Keane winning the prelim on his new imported Irish TB, and thank you to TPF's newest addition, Amanda, who was a star making my event run so smoothly!

Enjoy this photo album of a school on Frankie at TPF.

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