Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Day in Paradise!

Another day in paradise! 

What a beautiful event, they had over 350 entries with big classes and tough competition! The cross country was challenging and caught me out on one of my preliminary rides, so I will be doing some home work this week! Looking at the results there was a fair amount of trouble in each level, but all in all it was a terrific weekend.

I had the lowest score of the weekend scoring an 18.1 on Karen Haeusler's Miesterwick, who finshed on that to win the Novice. Roy and Burn Smiths stallion Count Tolstoy just added a little time xc to his score, show jumped clear to place 5th in the preliminary, Sally Rosen's paint mare Celebrindal was 5th in the Novice and the great Ned Kelly finished on his dressage score in his first training! This horse has not had a jumping fault yet!

Gearing up for another big weekend at sporting days in 2 weeks!


Dressage pics of Avebury WF, compliments of Ellie Rawle.

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