Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Help Ryan Raise Competition Funds!!

Do you know about Southern California Equestrian Sport?

Ryan, among many other top equestrians, is a member of Southern California Equestrian Sport .  
As specified on their website, "Southern California Equestrian Sports, Inc. (SCES) is a non-profit organization dedicated to help equestrian riders and organizers raise tax deductible funds to compete in or support their National and International competitions throughout the United States.

SCES is a designed to help athletes and owners expand their financial resources to train and compete by allowing supporters to receive a tax deductible benefit for contributions.   SCES understands the financial commitment it takes to compete at the highest levels of equestrian sports; therefore established an organization to help foster development and competition. "

If you are interested helping Ryan support his passion and sport, then please visit the SCES Website or you can donate directly to Ryan and SCES below!

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