Monday, February 7, 2011

Results from Sporting Days!

Sporting Days was action packed this past weekend, and we were lucky enough to geta break from the rain for most of the day. 
I was very impressed when Doug Payne filled in as a judge when they were in need of a judge for one of the training divisons.  Good sportsmanship there as he 
competed 7 horses during the event as well! The organizers were great, Mary did a fabulous job making the day run so smoothly! 
Doug, Boyd and myself made up about 10% of the entries!
I had 7 horses competing, with a total of 21 rides completed by 3.30pm.  
Frankie (Photo credit above Nicole Quinn), who I own with Charish Campbell,won hisOpen Training Division! I got Frankie in Aiken last year after he finished his racing career, winning almost $500,000 onthe track! I hope he can do the same for us in the eventing world. 
Anne Rawel's stallion Avebury WF had a great start to the season as well, placing 2nd in the training.  Roy and Burnie Smith's stallion Count Tolstoy was an impressive 6th in the preliminary. Karen Haeusler's Meisterwick was a very fancy 2nd in 
Novice, the great Ned Kelly was perfect all day and 4th in his Novice, Sally's 
Celebrindal was 2nd in Novice and Nina Gardner's Celtic Heritage had a solid run 
finishing 4th in Training. Thank you to TPF for your help!
I'm about to read over my dressage tests for Pine Top, so I look forward to 
seeing you out there!

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