Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome Sponsor Equine Comfort Products!

Equine Comfort ProductsEquine Comfort Products is happy to join Woodstock Eventing as part of Ryan's sponsorship team! Established in 1984, ECP has become the premium sheepskin supplier to the equestrian customer, unsurpassed in quality, design and utility.

Mother Nature knows that man-made materials cannot equal the therapeutic benefits of sheepskin, provided by their Australian Merino Sheepskin Pads and accessories. Sheepskin is naturally lightweight, breathable, managing heat and moisture effectively. Our products are shock absorbing, which creates total relief from pressure points, chafing sores and rubs.

Equine Comfort Products are designed by active riders and competitors who care about horse sports and love their equine partners. As riders, the ECP staff understands the need for performance and practicality. Their saddle pad design takes into consideration the shape and function of the horse's back. All their designs are constantly evaluated and improved with invaluable input from their sponsored riders.

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