Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What a Weekend at Plantation Field!

Chris on Legend in the Bareback Puissance!
Compliments of Grace Darnell
It's amazing what can happen when a community comes together to put on an event.  Plantation field held a spectacular show for riders and spectators this past weekend, from the night entertainment with the band and bull riding, to the world class horse and rider competition and the very exciting bareback high jump contest!  The weekend was packed with excitement and brought our whole community together to celebrate our sport in the beautiful Cheshire countryside that is famous throughout equestrian circles.

Youtube Link of Bullriding (for iPhone)

Woodstock Eventing had a solid weekend with Frankie going clear around a seriously challenging intermediate track to place 8th among some tough competition.  Fernhill Classic was 7th in the Prelim ahead of my other Prelim ride on McLovin.  Charlotte and Legend jumped another double clear, and Chris rode Commanche, the wonder pony, to perfection going clear in the Intermediate.  We'd be remiss without mentioning that Caitlin had an astounding weekend aboard her new 3* partner, Remington, taking 3rd, and making us proud at Woodstock Eventing!

Ryan on Fernhill Classic
Photo Credit Lisa Thomas
Picture Slideshow from the Weekend.

Woodstock Eventing is proud to be part of the Unionville community, which has pulled together over the past 5 years to grow this event.  Take the time to read this great article presented by Joanie Morris and the Chronicle of the Horse!  It gives great insight into the evolution of the event & the people who have influenced its' success.

Next event is Morvan Park.
Cheers, Ryan 

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