Monday, October 15, 2012

Chris Talley Steps It Up at Radnor Hunt HT!

Riders and owners appreciate the effort that goes into organizing
prize money at the only horse trials event in the USA.

What a great weekend it was at the Radnor Hunt Horse Trials in Malvern Pa.

Radnor HT put on a fantastic event and really got everyone in the fall mood. We had 2 horses in the Training with both horses putting in solid tests, but I felt the scoring was a bit high and both horses' efforts reflected better scores than they received.   Both Woodstock Wallaby and Grand Traverse jumped cross country really well, gaining confidence as they went along. Charlie Campbell rode his own Roosevelt in the Training division, putting in a great effort and finishing on his dressage score for 6th place.
Chris and Woodstock Wallaby Approaching the Water Complex!
In the novice we had Mikey, who put in a good test and jumped boldly and confidently to finish on his dressage score in 5th place. I also had Woodstock's Bennett in the novice, who put in a fantastic test to win the dressage on a 19!   We had one rail in stadium but still managed to hold on to the lead and capture the BLUE!
Chris and Bennett on Their Way to a 19!
Photo Credits Kendal Thomas

Mikey showing his class in the novice.

I'm so thankful to Ryan, along with all the wonderful owners, who have given me such a great opportunity to compete this group of wonderful horses while he is recovering.  Due to Ryan's help and training over the past year, he has helped make me the rider I am today, reaching each and everyone of my goals!

This weekend were heading to Loch Moy starter trials with a great group of young horses!
See you there and remember hard work DOES pay off!

Chris Talley

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