Monday, November 12, 2012

New Bolton Facility Unveiling Features Super Stallion Popeye!

Last Wednesday we were happy to take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony at New Bolton Center for their new fancy evaluation facility!  The facility is a beautiful indoor, built by King Construction, and the footing is MC Ecotrack by Martin Collins USA, the same footing in Phillip's indoor.

The new facility will enable New Bolton's staff to evaluate their patients in an all weather environment, protecting valuable equipment and allowing for a more consistent experience. The new building was born from the collaboration and dedication of our client Ilona English, who is owner of Popeye (standing at Hill Top) and Summit Sport Horses.  It is through the selfless giving of donors like Ilona and Saly Glassman, who make projects like this possible for the University of Pennsylvania!

During the ribbon cutting ceremony we were able to hear a few words from Dr. Elizabeth Davidson, while prior patients, Neville Bardos and Catch A Star tested out the fancy new footing!  New Bolton declared Popeye the "star of the evening" after he entered the arena with a piercing whinny, then proceeded to strut his stuff to the music "I'm Too Sexy"!  

Full Press Release From New Bolton

Enjoy the photo slideshow compliments of Martin Collins and Lisa Thomas.

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