Monday, January 28, 2013


Every rider experiences questions and challenges with proper saddle fit, whether it's for one horse, or a stable full of horses in training.  Ryan has recently partnered with Stubben Saddles for the pure reason that they are industry leaders, with a long history of producing well constructed saddles that fit horses properly.  

Their newest line of Biomex saddles have shown the industry that Stubben has evolved with the modern market, producing a saddle aimed at relieving horse and rider back pain.  Stubben's biggest mission is to educate riders on the benefit of properly fit saddles, which is well demonstrated through this educational video.  Although this particular video was filmed at the Retired Racehorse Training Project, Stubben Saddles have a variety of models which are well suited for all breeds and back types.

We hope that if you're at an event and see Ryan, take a moment to check out his Stubben saddles because they have truly helped all of his horses excel this past season!

Stubben North America

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