Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Blue, A Red, and We're Back in Pa!!

Ditch and Brush
What a way to end the winter season!  We competed at Morven Park on the way home from Aiken, arriving Friday afternoon in time to school them on the flat and walk our courses.

A Blue for Frankie!
Lucking out with a Saturday draw, we scored great weather and perfect ground for XC and completed all three phases by early afternoon.  Steve and Karri Guy's Frankie did the best test of his eventing career scoring a 28, adding 1 rail show jumping and cruising around the XC under the time to win the Open Intermediate.

Fernhill Classic stepped it up adding nothing to his dressage score to place 2nd in the other Intermediate division.
Classic with His Red

Charlie Campbell's hard work this winter paid off, piloting Roosevelt around there first Intermediate going clear!  Chris Talley and Commanche are still on form with another clear Intermediate

And Nikki Lendl finally got her first win on Woodstock's Little Nev in the training! We are now back in PA with Plantation Field up next.

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