Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Classic Redemption!!

It was whirlwind weekend at Loudoun Horse Trials, with 7 horses entered in the Prelim divisions, all with Ryan in the tack!  With the new FEI rules, there were a few more qualifications to check off, so Woodstock Eventing set off to achieve the impossible, and pulled off a weekend of major successes!

For Fernhill Classic it was a weekend of Classic Redemption!

"After Richland I went back to the drawing board and wanted to get things straight before Plantation at the end of September.  I took Classic back a level and ran around the prelim at Loudoun and he won!" 

There was just as much satisfaction with the performances from the other horses entered that day.
Dday, owned by Curran & Margy Simpson, also dropped down a division in order to qualify for Plantation.  He won the dressage, jumped clear in SJ and cantered around at a nice pace on XC.  Without the pressure of going for time, he still finished 2nd!

Woodstock Wallaby, owned by Mark & Linda Ledray, was 2nd in his dressage on a 28, show jumped clear, added a few time penalties on XC and finished 2nd at his 4th prelim.  This is his 3rd second this season & we're hoping for win at Plantation!

Woodstock Bennett, also owned by  Curran & Margy Simpson, was 3rd after dressage, had one down in SJ & 2 uncharacteristic run outs on XC to  finish 8th.  "He's won his last 2 prelims, but the Loudoun course was a bit challenging for the greener horses.  We just didn't get our rhythm on this course, which surprised Bennett a bit on the beginning on the course & he didn't have the opportunity to get confident." 
The Coffin
Summit Sport Horses were turning heads all day.  Grand Traverse was 3rd place in his Prelim division, getting edged out by his 1/2 sister Illiniza, who placed 2nd in her first attempt at Prelim, finishing on her dressage score.

Mary Hazzard's Magic Replica impressed with a double clear XC, climbing up the ranks to finish in 4th place!  

A big thank you to Stacey, Mary and Charlie who put in a massive effort to get the horses ready and cooled off after XC, making the impossible possible.  Thank you to Victoria Fox (Loudoun's secretary) who made it all possible to bring these horses down to qualify for our next big event at Plantation Field in less than 3 weeks!   

"I'm feeling good about what we needed to do for a good result at Plantation and I look forward to seeing you there!"

 ~ Ryan

Loudon HT Full Results

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