Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Firing Up for Fair Hill!!

After a 3 month drought, in true tradition the dry spell ended the week before Fair Hill as the heavens opened and it rained non stop for a week.

Woodstock Eventing headed off to the Maryland Horse Trials, where they did a fantastic job with providing the best possible footing under the circumstances.

Woodstock Wallaby continued to improve at the Prelim level, with a solid dressage score, clear stadium and cross-country round, finishing 5th.

Woodstock Bennett, His Irish counterpart, who is no stranger to this type of weather, showed the same great performance in a different division, finishing second!

Chris Talley rode Ilona English's super pony stallion Popeye to finish a strong 4th on his dressage score in the Training.

Charlotte Collis had a fantastic weekend, jumping clear stadium and XC on both her rides, with Legend finishing 5th in the Prelim and Midas finishing 8th in their first Training together. It has been fun to see Charlotte and Midas grow together, as Charlotte bought Midas as an unbroken 3 year old, and in 2 years they cruised around their first training.

Firing up for Fair Hill this week, hope to see you out there.

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