Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big Weekend at Pine Top!

We left the farm with 2 Intermediate horses and came home with 2 Advanced horses!
Getting Some Last Minute Advice From Master Dutton!
Photo Credit Nancy Bruen Smith

Both Frankie and Classic stepped up to the plate and were clear around their first Advanced.   Frankie placing 9th and Classic 11th.

Photo Credit Nancy Bruen Smith
Photo Credit Nancy Bruen Smith
I also rode Heather and Bob Sinclair's Mclovin in the Intermediate, jumping clear XC and SJ with adding just a bit of time to finish 10th.

Curran and Margy Simpson's Woodstock Bennett placed 3rd in the Prelim, jumping clear SJ and XC as well.

Linda and Mark Ledray's Woodstock Wallaby also jumped faultlessly around the Prelim, adding time XC to finish 7th. 

Here's some great video coverage of all of them in SJ and XC. 

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