Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What A Week At Bromont!!

Stacey and I took 3 fantastic young horses to Canada and came home with 3 spectacular world class horses!

The Fernhill Classic Syndicate's Fernhill Classic was incredible, showing his ability to go clear and fast on XC, taking all the direct routes successfully.  He then came out on Sunday and jumped his heart out for a super clear show jumping round to finish 5th in the CCI 2 star!

We are excited to announce that another share of Classic has be sold, and the new syndicate holder wishes to remain anonymous.  This is the 9th share sold which means there is just one more available.
Photo Credit Leslie - Eventing Nation

Photo Credits Horse Junkies United

Curran and Margy Simpson's Woodstock Bennett and Mark and Linda Ledray's Woodstock Wallaby have been quietly training hard for the last few years.  They were both purchased as 4 yr olds and they have come along together, now stepping onto the international stage like the champions we envisioned while watching them free jumping in Ireland as babies.

Photo Credits Leslie - Eventing Nation

Both horses have exceptional quality, scoring within 1 point after dressage both going clear on XC with the same time on course coming in 1 second under the time, and on the final day both jumping faultlessly around the stadium to finish 2nd and 3rd.

I couldn't be happier with the horses and my team.
Thanks to my amazing owners and sponsors!

Weekend Media

Nice Article in Eventing Nation!

Bennett Stadium Video - Thank you HorsePesterer!

Wallaby Videos


Wallaby Cross Country

Video credits David Frenchette

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