Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Big Sunday At The Jersey Horse Park!

Summit Sporthorses' Powell - clear through the Jersey Shore!

I rode 7 horses, including Summit Sporthorses' Powell, who won from start to finish by 7 points!
Illiniza was 2nd in the Prelim and Ruby won the Novice holding her dressage lead, with all the Summit Sporthorses', jumping clear on Stadium and XC!  These are impressive results for any breeder to have these top placings with 3 horses at one event, congratulations to the breeder Ilona English!

Sarah Hughes' Cobra
Sarah Hughes Cobra was 2nd in the Novice, also finishing on his dressage score, jumping very well in stadium and XC.

Curran and Margy Simpsons Dday clocked around the Prelim, clear in stadium and XC, finishing 5th. Teddy Sarco was so good in all 3 phases finishing 8th in the Novice.

Mary Hazzard's Magic Replica had a solid performance, having 1 rail in Stadium and picking up a little time XC, finishing 13th in the Prelim.  Jordan also rode her mare Frenchy to 4th place in the Prelim as well.

Curran and Flame went for a swim in the "Jersey Shore", but both horse and rider walked away sound just a little soggy.  The drop into water caused problems for a number of combinations.

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