Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Morven Park, MDHT, Then Fair Hill!

Classic in the Advanced at Morven Park
 We had a long weekend at Morven Park, arriving Thursday and competing Friday through Sunday.

Classic was 10th in the Advanced division, going clear on XC with a bit of time and pulling 1 rail in stadium.

Dday was great in the Intermediate in all phases - jumping clear in show jumping, and running really well on XC until I pulled him up after the second water, saving him for Fair Hill next week.

Mclovin was also clear in show jumping and XC,  just adding time to finish 9th in the Intermediate.

Powell and Lilly both finished on their dressage scores in the Prelim placing 2nd and 14th respectively.

Looking forward to MDHT this weeked before heading to Fair Hill the following week!

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