Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Illiniza Jumping a Clear Stadium Round
Thanks Charlie for the photo!
It was a full weekend for Summit Sporthorses, who had 5 horses and ponies competing at Waredaca on October 26th with Woodstock Eventing.

Illiniza was 7th in the Prelim and Ruby was 3rd in the Training with Ryan.
Popeye won the Novice with Stacey, which was their impressive 5th win in a row!
Jordan rode two of Summit Sporthorses' other homebred ponies, Piper and Popgun, in the Beginner Novice placing 5th and 7th.

Charlie topped off the year with a solid 4th place in the training with Nimbus.
Stacey also had a great finish with Paris placing 7th in their first Training.
Stacey catch rode Loletta, finishing 11th in the Open Training.

Ryan also won the Training with Sarah Hughes Cobra and was 6th in the Training with his own Woodstock Rolling Rock.

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