Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Total Saddle Fit Sponsor Spotlight

We are continuing with our weekly sponsor highlight where we will share with you why we are proud to represent each one of our sponsors and how their products make it possible for our success! This weeks highlight will be our incredible girth and saddle pad sponsor, Total Saddle Fit.


"The saddle fit girths fit the horse! The design allows freedom of the elbow and shoulder allowing the horse to use himself without restrictions and the quality leather has soft padding so there will never be a girth rub again. Another product that follows Total Saddle Fit's dedication to innovation and excellence, is the Six Point Wither Freedom Half Pad. It's brilliant design prevents pressure on the horses spine. I find I get closer contact with the horse and it allows the saddle to fit properly with out pushing the saddle up and away from the horses back". 

-Ryan Wood

 PC: Equestrian Calendar Aiken

Learn more about Total Saddle Fit on their website 

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