Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Bucks Followed Up by Roller Coaster Thrills!

It was a Big Sunday at Bucks County HP!

We took 6 horses, doing 4 different tests and XC courses with every horse finishing on their dressage score.  That's 184 jumps without one fault!

We had wins with Ned Kelly and Life is Good. GT and Magic stepped up to the plate for their first training level event for a 6th and 7th. Clapton and Lilly both placed 6th in very competitive divisions as well.

Bucks is a great event for the young horses to get out and gain experience and the event organizers did a fabulous job fitting in all my rides.

For a mid year motivator team Woodstock spent Monday afternoon thrill seeking at Hershey Park.  It was proven that the girls have stronger stomachs then the guys.......
Chris Post Roller Coaster Ride

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