Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Spectacular Event at Bromont!

What a spectacular event we experienced last weekend at Bromont! The venue, the people, the organizers and the town make Bromont my favorite event to attend.

Frankie and Fernhill Classic competed in their first CCI*, which was an eye opener for both horses with the immense atmosphere, the large crowds and the colorful and challenging course design.  The xc course was difficult but fair, and the horses gained confidence as they went around.

I think Bromont is a great step in introducing a young horse to international eventing and making the move up to 2* level next year will be much more inviting. Frankie finished on his dressage score of 59 to place 14th out of 56 horses and Classic added 8 green penalties in the show jumping to his final score to place 17th.  Out of the 56 horses in the CCI*, only 8 finished on their dressage score!

Thanks to Kate Chadderton for contributing this XC footage.

 (Frankie XC #4 and the angled cabins at #5AB)

Link to Frankie XC through the water complex

It was awesome to see Caitlin and Catch A Star cruise around their first CCI3* for a 5th place finish and they were awarded best conditioned at the conclusion of the event as well.  That is quite a testimonial to Caitlin and her amazing dedication the the rehabilitation of Hoku.  What a team and what a come back!

Many thanks to our friends at Horse Junkies for sending us this great article & video!!

It takes a village to keep an eventing team going, and we are so appreciative of all our supporters.
Thank you to Stacy who did an awesome job grooming for both Classic and Frankie. (It was her first three-day experience as well!)

And to the owners: Frankie's owner, Charish Campbell, and Classic's owners, Linda Ledray, Jill Collis, Mark Dewis, Michelle Huber, you are instrumental in making all of this possible.

To our sponsors: Stubben, Kentucky Horsewear, Equine Comfort Products, and Bill's Khakis, thank you for keeping our horses (and myself) outfitted in the best equipment to ensure optimum performance.

It was also wonderful to see the Aiken gang from Bridle Creek showing us all the support Linda, Mark, Ken and Peg! Overall, Bromont was a fantastic way to end our Spring campaign and kick off the summer season!

Bucks County is this weekend with the young horses then we're off to the Minnesota Clinic.

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