Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bills Khakis is Proud To Support Ryan Wood

Bills Khakis is proud to support Ryan in all of his equestrian pursuits. We recognize that all equestrians must look polished in and out of the tack, so Bills Khakis is happy to outfit Ryan for his upper level jogs!
We've decked out Ryan for the Bromont jog & think he looks quite classic in his new blue blazer, 5 pocket pants, summer gingham shirt and knit tie!  Frankie and Classic are also looking the part as well.

Ryan and Frankie
Thank you Horse Junkies for the Photo Contribution!
Bill Thomas, founder of Bills Khakis, also happens to be the husband of Lisa Thomas of Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services. Bill founded Bills Khakis over 20 years ago when he found a pair of original World War II khakis at an Army surplus store while he was in college. They were remarkably comfortable, deep pocketed, and put together to withstand just about anything. Someone had to save this small but symbolic piece of Americana.

With a few thousand dollars and a dozen or so part time jobs (including greens crew, painting a covered bridge, ski lift operator, sporting goods salesman, freelance writer, and rock & roll band promoter), the business slowly grew from a "trunk of the car" start-up to a full time enterprise which is now in over 500 select men's specialty stores. All products, including pants, shorts, jeans, shirts and jackets are produced in the United States.

Both Ryan and Bill share the same work ethic, and we're proud to stand behind Woodstock Eventing!
Good luck this weekend at Bromont.....we'll be cheering you on all the way.

Follow Ryan throughout the weekend on the Bromont website!

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