Monday, October 28, 2013

Waredaca Winds Down the Season!

We are coming to the end of the season with Waredaca being our second to last event for the year.

I rode Nimbus and Tito
 in their first Novice on Saturday. These two classy 4 year olds, owned by Chimene Evans, stepped up to the plate and jumped around like they had done it all before.

Sunday was a little busier with Chris on 1 and myself riding 4 others.  Summit sport horses had 2 super horses at the competition.  Chris rode Popeye in the Training to finish in 9th place and I rode Powell in the same division to finish on his dressage score for 4th place.

Mary Hazzard's Magic Replica finished a solid 4th in the Prelim, feeling ready for the 1* in Va. next week.

My own horse Sergio jumped faultlessly, finishing 2nd in his Training division.

I also caught a ride for Boyd this weekend as he's been grounded with a broken arm after getting kicked by a horse.  
William Street, owned by by Daryl Layfield-Insley, jumped around double clear to finish 10th in the Open Training. 

We had an eventful drive home, with Boyd's PT Cruiser losing its front left wheel on 95. Luckily we survived and got picked up by Chris and Mary in the Woodstock Eventing rig.  Never a dull moment!

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