Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weekly Sponsor Highlight

We are excited to kick off a weekly sponsor highlight where we will share with you why we are proud to represent each one of our sponsors and how their products make it possible for our success! This weeks highlight will be our incredible saddle sponsor, Stubben.




"Stubben has developed a premium saddle for Eventing with the Stubben Optimum Mono Flap. One thing that I look for in a saddle is balance, fit, and quality. Stubben created a saddle which masters all three of those and the Stubben brand is second to none. On top of their incredible saddle, Stubben's stirrup irons are top of the line. Their light weight feel, grip, and angle encourages stability and correct leg position while giving you the best possible balance in the irons". -Ryan

Photo Credit: Equestrian Calendar Aiken


Learn more about Stubben Saddles on their website 

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