Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sporting Days Farm Recap

Ryan and Team Woodstock competed this past weekend at Sporting Days Farm just down the road from Woodstock Eventing's winter base, Victoria Farm.

Sarah Hughes' Cobra competed with Ryan in the Intermediate/Preliminary division, adding a single unlucky rail to their dressage score to win the division. This talented horse is for sale; for more information visit our website.

Sarah Hughes' Cobra. Photo by Cindy Lawler.
Ryan rode Woodstock Eventing's Shannondale Sergio in the Open Preliminary division, jumping two double clear rounds to win the division on his dressage score. There is currently a 1/3 share available in the syndicate for Shannondale Sergio! If you are interested in joining Ryan on this horse's journey, please contact him directly.

Woodstock Eventing's Shannondale Sergio. Photo by Cindy Lawler.
Mary Hazzard's Isabella C competed in the Preliminary Horse division, putting in strong performances in all three phases to finish in 5th place.

Mary Hazzard's Isabella C. Photo by Cindy Lawler.
Ryan rode Curran Simpson's RF Cosmos in the Training Horse division, scoring an impressive 21.2 in the dressage, jumping double clean in stadium, and had an educational outing on cross-country.

Curran Simpson's RF Cosmos. Photo by Cindy Lawler.
Sarah Hughes' Shannondale Percy also competed in the Training Horse division, scoring a 23.8 in the dressage and jumping two double clean rounds to finish the weekend in 2nd place.

Sarah Hughes' Shannondale Percy. Photo by Cindy Lawler.
Summit Sporthorses' Ben Nevis competed in the Novice Horse division with Ryan, scoring a 23.9 in dressage and jumping clean in stadium and cross-country to finish on his dressage score in 3rd place.

Summit Sporthorses' Ben Nevis. Photo by Cindy Lawler. 
Stacy rode Summit Sporthorses' Popeye in the Novice division and Popstar in the Beginner Novice division. Popeye added a single rail to his dressage score of 23.5 to finish the weekend in 5th place, and Popstar jumped two double-clean rounds to finish in 4th place on her dressage score of 30.5. 

Alex Conrad rode Diggin' on Doug in the Training Rider division, finishing the weekend on his dressage score.

Olivia Smith competed with Der Romany in the J/YR Novice division, having a great educational weekend.

Ryan will be competing at Red Hills International Horse Trials in Tallahassee, Florida this coming weekend!

Thank you to Ryan's incredible owners, sponsors, and supporters for your support of Ryan and Woodstock Eventing!

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